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Title: Name Calling
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: PG
Pairing: 8059
Summary: 8059 fluff. Enough said.
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Roborn and its characters do not belong to me.

Name Calling

He listened to the couple seated at the opposite end of the bench, trying his best not to commit homicide.

“Hehe Kenji my sweet pumpkin.”

“Mami, my goddess.”

“I love you, baby!”

“And I love you too, sweetheart.”

Gokudera crushed yet another cigarette under his shoes and lit another one. Damn them, it’s not like he wanted to hear them! Do they have to be so loud? And really, they should know better than act all chummy here in broad daylight anyway. Do these shameless people not know of time, place and occasion? This park is a public area, go find a room! …Most importantly though, this was his usual meeting place and he was the one here first damnit!



His fingers itched for the feel of his dynamites. No- he has to calm himself, he cannot cause Jyuudaime any trouble. Be calm…calm… Think of something else… The sound of the leaves rustling, the birds chirping in on the branches, the ducks paddling in the lake… yep, calm…

Why was he here anyway? Oh, Yamamoto. Where the heck is he?! He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago! That’s it! The baseball idiot’s gonna get some dynamite-! Oh no, calm… He needs to c-a-l-m d-o-w-n…


Talk of the devil… “You’re late.”

“I’m so sorry! I’ve got held up by the coach.” Yamamoto apologised between pants of breath, giving him a tired smile.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let’s just go. I’m hungry.” He cut in before his companion could sprout anymore excuses. Getting up from the cursed bench, he flicked his still lit cigarette in the vague direction of the couple (the park and his meeting point be damned. It’s just an accident really…). He glanced in their direction and quietly muttered, “I really can’t wait to get away from these sweet talking idiots.”

Yamamoto looked at Gokudera and the couple, his smile widens and he laughed. “Yeah, we don’t need that,” He placed an arm across Gokudera’s shoulders and huskily whispered into his ear, “Hayato.”

Gokudera swatted Yamamoto’s arm off his shoulder and, for good measure, gave him a well-placed kick in the shin. Damn, now his face was burning up… must be because the idiot made him wait outside for too long.

Ignoring the pained cry from the other man, the storm guardian began to stamp away from the scene, all earlier thoughts about the couple now forgotten.

Damn Takeshi… Damn Takeshi…

Comment: Thank you for reading. Mistakes pointed out, suggestions, inputs etc will be greatly appreciated.


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