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Title: Restrain
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: PG
Pairing: 8059
Summary: The things he wanted to do, but didn't.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and its characters do not belong to me.


Gokudera watched as the shy girl fidgeted nervously before Yamamoto. He had seen this scene replayed itself countless times before; after all it was no secret how popular the baseball player is.

Still, every time, for some obscure reason, he felt like dropping one of his dynamites out the window onto the couple two floors below.

He lit up a cigarette, the explosives remained unlit.


Yamamoto smiled as he introduced her to them. Kanako was a small pretty thing, long black curls and big round eyes. Tsuna said that they looked cute together.

He looked at the rain guardian’s hand in an intimate clasp with the girl’s. It was the first time he disagreed with Jyuudaime. It just didn’t balance. It didn’t look comfortable. It didn't look...right.

He smiled and gave them his congratulations, Gokudera flavoured.

“Just don’t get dumped once she finds out how much of an idiot you are, baseball moron.”


Despite being so popular, the rain guardian was not the best at relationships. Once again Gokudera found himself at Yamamoto’s apartment, a can of beer loosely grasped between his fingers.

Yamamoto was a drunken mess, babbling on about his latest relationship with this woman called Miwa. I don’t understand what went wrong. And I thought we were so happy together. I thought she loves me. The usual stuff.

There were so many things Gokudera wanted to do and say in these moments.

He silently patted Yamamoto’s back and grabbed another can of beer.


He had no idea how it turned out like this, but here he was, looking at ring after ring with Yamamoto.

“What do you think about this one?” Yamamoto asked, holding up a diamond embedded platinum band, his smile hopeful.

Gokudera was glad; he preferred the aquamarine ones.

“Just buy the damn ring, idiot. Ayane won’t wait for you forever.”


After many proposals and even more relations, Emi agreed. As one would expect, with him always playing Yamamoto’s love advisor, the storm guardian was being asked to be the best man.

So here he was in their shared office, Yamamoto in front of him wearing an extra brilliant smile on his face. Gokudera’s, on the other hand, lacked any expression.

For a while he merely continued to smoke, seeming to have discovered a new profound interest in his shoes. It was only after Yamamoto asked the question again that there was a reaction from the storm guardian.

Gokudera killed his cigarette on the ash tray and when he turned to look at Yamamoto, there was a genuine smile.

The rain guardian nearly took a step back due to its brilliance.

With determined steps, Gokudera approached the other man. Once they were only separated merely by an inch, he reached, standing on tiptoes, to pull Yamamoto down, initiating the softest of touch between their lips.

Before the rain guardian could have time to act let alone think, Gokudera shoved him backwards, releasing all physical contacts with the other man. Without bothering to spare him another glance, Gokudera strode out of the office.

Even when he felt a stray tear rolled down his cheek, his smile didn’t falter.

For he was free.

Comment: Thank you for reading. Mistakes pointed out, suggestions, inputs etc will be greatly appreciated.

News: Finished read? Feeling like killing me for having not continued this? Well~ what are you waiting for? Go on and read Rodick's fic "Faltered" XD

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