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Title: Logic and Excuses
Series: Katekyo HItman Reborn!
Rating: PG
Paring: Ryo59

Summary: To Ryohei, Gokudera was the kind of guy who can find reasons behind everything

Note: Set somewhat in the future

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and its characters do not belong to me

Logic and Excuses

To Ryohei, Gokudera was the kind of guy who can find reasons behind everything.

Like how Gokudera sought him out to ask for help on improving his close quarter combat skill.

Why him?

Because by his reasoning Ryohei was the perfect candidate, seeing as he couldn’t embarrass himself in front of the boss, Yamamoto was too busy swinging baseball bats, asking Hibari would be like laying himself on a chopping board while handing the cloud guardian a cleaver, and Chrome or Mukuro was simply… out of the question.

Why did he need help with close combat?

Obviously since it’s his weak point.

Why did it matter?

For Jyuudaime.

And why-

It could go on endlessly. Ryohei knew that the other man’s mind was like a complex machine made of complicated circuits, fuelled by his determination, unlike his, which was an empty space filled by his PASSION.

So, weeks after their training sessions started, they went to have their weekly supper together (Gokudera’s treat since he did not want to feel indebt to him) at the usual restaurant, two blocks away from the storm guardian’s apartment.

After a satisfying meal and some EXTREME drinking Gokudera insisted they crash at his apartment, as he didn’t want Ryohei to make an “ULTIMATELY” drunken ass out of himself on the bus and bring shame to the Vongola’s name.

He must have fallen asleep on the short walk to the apartment cause the next thing he was aware of he was on a familiar couch, with a silver haired Italian straddling his lap, who was doing a HOT job at leaving marks on his neck.

For a moment, he vaguely wondered what reasons bought about such actions from the other man. It was quickly dismissed, and instead he concentrated on flipping their position and seizing Gokudera’s lips. Reasoning was not his field.

As he said, he was a man of passion.

Comment: Thank you for reading. Mistakes pointed out, suggestions etc will be greatly appreciated. Sorry if Ryohei was not as EXTREME as he’s supposed to be. Blame the story on the recent KHR chapters that just make RyoGoku and GammaGoku so tempting.
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