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Title: Gokudera’s Misinterpretation
Series: Katekyo HItman Reborn!
Rating: PG
Pairing: TYL!8059
Summary: Gokudera's contemplation before his confrontation with Tsuna [Prequel to Tsuna's Concern]
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and its characters do not belong to me.

Gokudera’s Misinterpretation

Gokudera slowly sipped his coffee before letting out a satisfied sigh, laying in relaxation atop the plush sofa. The sofa was a favourite birthday present of his, given from his subordinates last year. He smiled at the thought of his team. Though they can be a handful at times, they’ve always managed to somehow complete all tasks they were given. Furthermore, they really do appreciate him… He could still clearly remember the moment they presented the sofa to him.

“We… ah… thought that you could use it to relax… You know, with you being the right hand man and all, the work must be real tough, right?”

He couldn’t ask for better subordinates… and not to forget the sofa! They couldn’t have given him a better present! Don’t get him wrong or anything, he was more than capable enough to handle all jobs given to him without any complaints or problems.

The real reason…

Gokudera could feel the heat rising in his cheeks at his train of thought. The real reason why he loved the sofa so much was because of a certain swordsman. The rain guardian in service to the tenth Vongola, Yamamoto Takeshi… his lov-

The coffee was quickly drowned, the empty mug placed on the nearby table.

He couldn’t believe the man! His enthusiasm in bed certainly knows no bound! It’s not like he doesn’t enjoy it… but the days later can be rather… rough. It takes Gokudera all of his will power and more to not cry out in pain every time he has to lower his abused backside onto any surface. Having something he can lay down on his office after having endured such ordeal was just heavenly, not to mention how soft the sofa is compared to his desk’s chair.

Yes, the storm squad definitely did out do themselves with this present…

It’s not just his subordinates either, he could feel that all of the Vongola members (well, minus the high-ups, like the guardians and Reborn) really do respect him.

The privilege of the right hand man.

Sure, some of them may show impudence at first, but after some time in the base, they would bow and greet him wherever he went, all work he assigned were done to perfection and complaints were something unheard of.

Actually… now that he thought about it… his counterpart most likely also received the similar amount of respect as he did. Seeing as whenever they were together, the subordinates always regarded them with such politeness, the kind that put their behaviour in front of other guardians to shame.

It’s only fitting…

Everything was going so well, both his private and bussiness life… there was just one problem… The missions, or more accurately, the lack of them. He has been stuck with deskwork for such a long time, he couldn’t even remember the last interesting mission he had. Really, he didn’t practice so hard just to fit around and let his skills rot away! His abilities are not something to be questioned! The Vongola should be making full use of such a competent member such as himself!

He really could not fathom why was he not sent out on missions… Although he was equally good with paperwork, there are other members who could deal with them, seeing as some of them are merely trivial requests. Maybe it was time to ask his boss about the strange situation…

Making up his mind, Gokudera got up from the comfortable sofa and, with his head held high, determinedly marched to Tsuna’s office.

Time to do something about the missions…

Note: Sorry it took so long, was actually gonna write a sequel, but somehow turned into a prequel… oh well… As usual, do tell if there’s any mistakes.
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