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Title: To Bite
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ryohei18
Summary: Hibari has never imagined that he would ever regret using his favourite quote.
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Roborn and its characters do not belong to me.

To Bite

Hibari has never imagined that he would ever regret using his favourite quote. Usually, the phrase alone would be enough to make his weaker targets cower in fear or fill the stronger ones with fighting spirit, making the process of crushing them that much more enjoyable. No... he did not believe that it was capable of betraying him.

It happened when he saw Sasagawa Ryohei dragged Sawada Tsunayoshi to the gym after the bell has rung, that he decided to follow and intervene. Upon reaching the gym and discovering the two culprits engaged in a match… or whatever it was seeing as Ryohei seemed to be the only one doing the attacking, Hibari readied his tonfas.

“Club activities are to be conducted outside school hours only.”

Upon hearing his voice, the two stopped whatever they were doing and turned their attention towards him, Tsuna’s face paling immediately once his eyes rested upon Hibari.

“I’ll bite you to death.”

Tsuna’s expression was that of an herbivore in fear, paralyzed to the spot. On the other hand an expression of shock ghosted over Ryohei’s face for a second but was immediately replaced by a confident smile.

Hibari took that look as a challenge, proceeded to enter the boxing ring and was about to charge at Ryohei until he was interrupted by the boy.

“I didn’t know you also feel that way Hibari! If that's how it is then-! Bite me all over to the EXTREME!!”

Taking the initiative during Hibari’s shock, Ryohei launched himself at the disciplinary committee president and promptly planted his lips upon Hibari’s...


The incident resulted in one Sasagawa Ryohei bed ridden in hospital for a whole month. Sawada Tsunayoshi, on the other hand, luckily managed to escape the disaster phyisically unharmed, due to the school hours having finished by the time his accomplice’s punishment has been completed. His mental health however, is debatable, but what he knew for certain was that he was confident that he could face whatever gore the mafia world wishes to throw in his direction. As for Hibari Kyoya, no one has ever heard him uttered his trademark quote anywhere within the presence of a certain boxing captain again.


Hibari landed on the reception’s room sofa with a soft thud. He lay on his back, his fingers lightly tracing his lips. After a while he seemed to realise his action and with a jerk, removed his hand from his mouth as if burned. He turned onto his side and scowled.

“That idiot... He crashed our teeth.”

Comment: I really don’t know if this idea has been used before, so please forgive me if it has (Apologies for my clueless-ness towards the fandom of Ryohei+Hibari, since it’s 8059 that owns my soul). Mistakes and suggestions pointed out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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