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Title: Appropriate Gift
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hint 8059
Summary: Yamamoto gave Gokudera a birthday gift. For Gokudera's birthday.
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn does not belong to me.

Appropriate Gift

The bouquet hit the wall with a soft thud before sliding down to rest innocently on the floor.

Gokudera glared at the bouquet of roses distastefully, before quickly turned away as if the sight burned him. ‘Pissed’ does not come anywhere close to describing what he felt right now.

Just what the hell was the baseball nut thinking?! Of all the presents he could have bought it was a bouquet of roses! R-E-D roses!

He gave the roses another quick look to confirm his thoughts and let out a small groan.

And not to mention… in front of Jyuudaime! And Reborn and Bianchi and- and- EVERYONE!!!

Once Yamamoto presented the bouquet to Gokudera, the birthday party became deathly quiet. Tsuna gave his two friends an embarrass look, his sister, on the other hand, had looked so pleased, one would have thought the present was for her! …and Gokudera? Gokudera had exploded. He threw all the dynamites on him at the time at Yamamoto. Needless to say, the party came to a complete halt, with the host location destroyed, the food all burnt, and one casualty (namely Lambo, but remembering the number of times Reborn came close to kill the kid, to Lambo, this was like a walk in the park).

However, as luck would have it, Yamamoto escaped the barrage without a single scratch on himself, and the flowers remained unharmed… This is why Gokudera found himself on his birthday, out of dynamites, and with a bouquet of red roses in his apartment.

He spent the next hour or so cursing the roses and Yamamoto, before finally picking up the fallen bouquet. With a final curse to the idiot was who had ever thought that plant’s genitals were suitable present, he found a bucket, filled it up half way with water and placed the bouquet in it.

Don’t get him wrong. He was still unhappy about getting the useless present and he would make sure to injure the smiling baseball idiot the next time he sees him. He was NOT one bit happy about getting pretty, sweet fragrant, red roses from Yamamoto AT ALL!

Still… it’s not the flowers’ fault.

He would buy a proper vase tomorrow.

Note: A little something for Gokudera’s birthday. Thank you for reading! As per usual, please do tell me of any mistakes etc
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